Flash Photography Workshop in France

For many, the flash is an incomprehensible device. But after a clear explanation of the apparent complexity, the effect of the light from the flash appears to be quite logical.

This workshop is set up with the aim of getting full control of your flash, always and everywhere. You will learn how to be in control of your flash in order to take perfectly exposed flash photos.
The many exercises ensure that the theory is put into practice immediately. Learning by doing is ultimately the best way for many to acquire a new skill.

For Whom

The workshop Flash Photography is interesting for photographers who shoot weddings or corporate, sports or nature, portraits or products, at home or while traveling.

The Program

We welcome  you with coffee/tea at 9.45 hrs.

The workshop starts at 10 hrs.

The basic principles of flash are explained, followed by practical exercises.

You will learn about TTL flash and Manual flash,  High-speed flash, Front and Rear curtain flash, Bounce flash, Fill flash and White balance settings. Also covered is an introduction to Off-camera flash photography.

We will have lunch around 13 hrs and finish the workshop with a drink at 16 hrs.

Level and Requirements

You should have a basic knowledge of photography.

Knowledge of your flash and flash techniques is not necessary; that is exactly what you will learn during the workshop.

You need to bring your DSLR or mirrorless camera and a compatible flashgun.


€135 including drinks, lunch and handout.

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