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Flashography – A Practical Guide to Flash Photography – is translated into English from Sonja van Driel’s bestselling book about flash photography. It is ranked with 4.7 stars at the largest online bookstore in The Netherlands.

The book has helped thousands of photographers who shoot for pleasure or profession.

Readers appreciate the book because it is

  • to-the-point and clearly written
  • richly illustrated with flash photos including camera and flash settings
  • an easy learning experience due to the many step-by-step exercises

For Whom?

The book is written for photographers involved in portrait, still life, wedding, event, corporate, editorial, travel or daily life photography.

You should have a basic knowledge of photography.

You need a SLR or mirrorless camera and a compatible TTL flashgun.

About the Book

You will be guided through the steps and settings necessary to take outstanding flash photos at any location and in any situation, effortless. Shooting in backlight, bright or low light? Photographing models, still lifes or fast-moving subjects? All this – and more – is covered in the book.

The book is written for TTL flashguns of all brands. As an extra, you receive a code to enter a protected webpage with 14 exercises especially designed for Canon, Nikon, Sony or Panasonic-Lumix and compatible flashguns.

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