6 Situations where you should NOT use your flash

Photos can be better exposed when the light of a flash is added. Nevertheless, there are situations in which it is better to leave the flash in your photo bag.

photo without flash

1 – When making an overview photo of a large room. Such as a church, conference room or party location. Your flash does not have enough power to illuminate the entire room properly and completely.

2 – When there is depth in your image. It is a matter of fact that frontal flash can only properly expose one particular distance: the distance you focus on. However, depth in your image can be properly illuminated if you have the option of bouncing of the flash through a white ceiling. The light will be able to pread out over the image.

3 – Reflective subjects such as bottles, windows, etc. Using a flash would result in ugly spots of light on the glass.

4 – If the subject is too far away from the flash. There is a certain maximum flash distance. If that distance is exceeded, the subject cannot be exposed by the flash.

5 – If the subject is already nicely illuminated by the available light. In certain situations there is no reason to add the light of a flash.

6 – If taking photos with flash is not permitted. This is the case at train stations and in many museums, but sometimes also at concerts and sports events.

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