Fine Art Photography in Burgundy

After working as a photographer for many years, Sonja van Driel changed her focus to writing and teaching.

Sonja’s fascination for using a variety of light sources in photography, has led to the creation of five books. She also gives lectures and workshops about flash photography.

The work of two former students will be exhibited in her atelier in 2020.

Exhibition and demonstration

Jet Vugts and Petra Teeuwsen have an artist’s eye for photography. Moreover, they know how to master the light – an equally important aspect. It is with pleasure and pride that Sonja exhibits their photos on an ultra large screen. Additionally she will demonstrate how to create a still life with just one single flashgun.

Come and enjoy the beauty of light shaping at Sonja’s atelier in Couches, Burgundy. Interested parties (minimum 4, maximum 10) are very welcome. The atelier is open by appointment only – please send an email to

Jet Vugts

Specialized in still life photography, Jet usually adds subtle light to her subjects with just one flashgun.

Her work characterizes drama and simplicity, tranquility and movement. She is able to change familiar subjects into unfamiliar images.

Apart from her exhibitions in galleries and at art fairs in The Netherlands,

her work will be exhibited in Japan, as part of Intermezzo Japan (

Petra Teeuwsen

Petra is specialized in dance photography. She captures dancers in motion in their full authenticity. She is always looking for that particular moment where light, movement, body expression and emotion come together.

Petra has developed a strong eye for styling, details and the use of color in her photos.

Sonja van Driel’s bestseller, an instruction book about flash photography, is available in French, English and Dutch.