eBook – Workbook Off-Camera Flash Photography

Beyond the Basics

Once you master the basic principles of flash photography, as covered in The Basics of Flash Photography, it’s time for the next step: off-camera flash.

You are offered 12 off-camera flash photos (see below) explaining how they are taken and how you can make them too. Compare it with recipes from a cookbook. Every ‘photo recipe’ contains information about the ingredients, the preparation and the necessary steps to make the flash photo by yourself. Naturally, feel free to give it your own twist and adjust it here and there to your own taste.

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You need to have a basic understanding of photography and you need to know how to shoot in manual camera mode. Also you need to know the basics of flash photography.


  • DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Manual or TTL trigger or a flash cable
  • Manual or TTL flashgun
  • Tripod

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