One-on-One Flash Photography Classes via Zoom

Taking a good flash photo is not a matter of just point and shoot. It’s about understanding the lighting techniques for bringing your photography to the next level. It’s easier than you think.
Sonja van Driel is an international educator and writer with over 25 years experience in photography.
Under personal guidance, she will teach you how to master the fundamentals of light and an effective and easy use of your equipment.

Book an online private Zoom session

You can book a an online session for one or two persons.
Within three hours Sonja will guide you step by step to learn the basic techniques of flash photography.

You’ll learn how to chose the best settings on your camera and flash in different light situations such as backlight, bright or low light.

Taking the next step

Once you have a good knowledge of the basics of flash photography, you can take the next step. We offer online classes tailored to your specific interests and technical needs.

Whether portraits or still lifes, action shots or products, we can focus on your favourite topics.


  1. a SLR or mirrorless camera  – regardless of brand.
  2. a TTL flashgun, compatible with your camera.


Send an email to and mention the number of participants, the desired date and time and your favourite topics. We will inform you about pricing and other details.


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