About Flashography

Flashography is all about flash photography, both on-camera and off-camera. 

Photographers can learn to take outstanding flash photos at any location and in any situation. Effortlessly.

Once you understand the possibilities of this small, practical and affordable light source, you’ll be amazed how your photos will improve.  

What we offer

An Instruction Book with the Basics of Flash Photography. A highly appreciated book and favorite reference work of many photographers. 

An eBook with Off-Camera Flash Techniques. With 12 examples you will be guided through the steps to create outstanding flash photos.

About the founder

Flashography is founded by Sonja van Driel, educator and writer with over 25 years experience in photography. 


Photos at this website have been accomplished with the following co-shooters: Maike den Houting, Marjan Rosendahl, Esther Langendam, Raquelle van Gemert, Marjolein Moens, Petra van Zanten, Maureen van Dijk, Petra Teeuwsen and Jet Vugts.