About Flashography

Flash Photography Books, Online Instructions and Workshops

Flashography is an ideal starting point for those wishing to explore the capabilities of both on camera and off camera flash. 

With clear and practical step-by-step exercises you will learn to take outstanding flash photos at any location and in any situation. Effortlessly.

An Instruction Book with the Basics of Flash Photography. Already the revised 4th edition and a favorite reference work of many photographers. 

Online Instructions Off-Camera Flash. With 15 behind-the-scenes photos you will be guided through the steps to create outstanding flash photos.

Flash Photography Workshops. Soon available in the UK, France and The Netherlands.

About the Founder

The founder of Flashography, Sonja van Driel, is a professional in photography with over 25 years experience. First as a photographer, later as a writer and trainer (see photos below). 

Sonja’s fascination for the possibilities of a flashgun, a small, magical and affordable light source, has led to the creation of learning material that gives photographers a grip on their equipment.